“Apparently I needed to part of the Alumni/ae network. I have still to try to access.  Just tried and it works!!! Thank you.  ”

Helen Mangelsdorf '75 shared this story on September 19, 2019

Can I access JStor as an Alum?

“I was hosted by an Antioch professor's very lovely and kind cousins in London! Also got to nap off jet lag while watching a cricket match in Hampstead Heath. Success <3”

“The reunion organizers saw it and said they would arrange a ride. The post can be deleted now.”

Sasha Bley-Vroman '68 shared this story on July 11, 2018

Ride needed DAY-YSO (and back)

“Remember when Elijah Blanton and sara brooks saved the day? Thanks!”

Jane Foreman '17 shared this story on June 17, 2018

Chicago Housing for 4 Students, 4/7 & 4/8

“Expecting to share apartment for four months with a wnderful post grad.”

Nancy Person '80 shared this story on February 6, 2018

Temp coop housing

“Thank you Tyler for your help.”

Mary Evans '21 shared this story on January 19, 2018

Help with rent

“I was born into a Black Catholic upper middle class family.  In Detroit, MI during the hay day of Motown.  We grew up in a home close to Aretha Franklin and around the corner was Smokey Robinson during my father's childhood.  My mother went to school with the Four Tops.  We lived down the street from the owner of the 20 Grand where most Motown artists performed. I traveled extensively and went to some of the best schools.  My father was working under the Director of the FCC and HUD.  My mother worked many years with American Airlines. Our family was doing well. Or so I thought until my cousin committed suicide when I was 14.  I experienced my first depression.  I stayed in bed sobbing for a few days.  Later I was date raped several times.  I had 2 abortions which is a major sin in the Catholic church.  My father and 1st cousin had Crack addiction and Bipolar dx.  late in life.  They both died of medical complicatios due to Crack abuse.  I had to learn about tough love with them.  I went to Al-anon, Nar-anon, AA, NA, to learn about addiction from all angles.   I was diagnosed Bipolar at age 25.   Just after college.  My symptoms started in college and they slowly progressed to my first hospitalization.  At first I was misdiagnosed due to my behavior.  After many hospitalizations I discovered the right combination of medicine for me.  I felt better than ever and started my road to recovery.  I have worked 15 years in the field of geriatric and adult mental illess and drug addiction.  And 15 years social work in nursing homes.  I wanted to help others and learn ways how to help myself.  This was life experiences and on the job training.  I learned about boundaries and cognitive distortions.  I learned about the chaos created from drug abuse.  It has been imperative for me to devolop coping skills.  I did manage well enough to maintain professional employment for 36 years.   I was stable for 7 years in denial that I had more work to do on myself.  I took on a new job and a major project.  I started to not sleep or eat properly.  I also revisited the trauma that caused my PTSD!  All of this stirred up so many emotions that I had not let out and grieved fully from their occurence.  I ended up in the hospital which I call divine intervention.  There I had to learn my limits and triggers that push me there.  Boundaries and Cognitive Distortions.  At last I was willing to do the painful work to come to terms with my illness and how it affected my outlook on life.  Now I have even more ammunition to succeed and overcome obstacles.  I want to educate others that M.I. touches everyone and you may need to get help or help others through their recovery.  That is my mission!!  Fighting the stigma.”

“Although I wasn't going to the Reunion, I wanted to go to YS for a family reunion.  Someone suggested that I put a notice on the Messageboard.  At the last minute I got an offer for a ride from someone who lived close to me In Ann Arbor.  I had a great time riding with her - good conversation, good company.  So I was so grateful that it worked out so well! Thank you- Patti Dallas”

Patti Dallas shared this story on July 17, 2017

Ride to Yellow Springs

“Had a lovely conversation with a recent grad thinking of going to grad school to be a therapist. ”

SUSAN JACOBS BUNIVA '77 shared this story on March 20, 2017

Being a therapist

“<Amy saved the day for us!> Thanks, Amy and Paul, for your wonderful hospitality. We had a wonderful time getting to know you. (Oh, and also visiting our daughter!)”

Karen Gershenhorn '80 shared this story on November 5, 2016

Temporary housing

“I am going to Austin, TX this fall and I have been able to connect via switchboard with Mark Swanholm, a Vermouth producer in Austin and Faulkner Charles who connected me to his relatives that live in Austin. I'm very excited to get to know these folks!”

Angelina Rodriguez '18 shared this story on August 25, 2016

Seeking Connections

“An old friend responded who I had lost contact with. Now Michael Griggs and I are connected again.”

“I found housing through an alumni connection ”

Christopher Welter '19 shared this story on March 22, 2016

Housing in Ann Arbor

“Broke breakfast bread with an amazing Antioch Womyn of Color a few weeks ago. She reached out to connect while attending a training here at Kalamazoo College. Brief connection but nonetheless, kitchen conversations are the best. Thanks for passing through..”

“I found housing with an alum!”